Phoenix Project

Technology, Blockchain, and Crypto Currency Resources - Canada

This site was envisioned and created during a time of significant change in my life. It was the realization that fiat currency, though universally accepted, had major flaws arising from potential manipulation by central banks, special interest groups, and governments. We see this all the time. My background in computer science had collided with masters level business courses in this thing called a blockchain. The simplicity of it all is brilliant. The concept, I have no doubt this is the direction we are all travelling.

With the rise of mobile phones at every corner of the globe the means is now there to capitalize on this growing network of people.I bring you the resources, tips, tricks, and a few ads(please feel free to click them to help support my time) in the areas that currently interest me the most. This is not intended as advise on anything by any means, always due your own research first. For those looking for archive documents I (co)authored that are referenced in peer reviewed material there is a link below.

Let the revolution begin.

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